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Freehand Pyropgraphy
 by Artist Penny B.
A good life isn't easy, but it is rewarding. It's a life of reclaiming and reworking, testing and pushing, repurposing and recycling. My shop is a testament to those rewards, of respecting the difficulty of a craft over the ease of mass production. My work is a way to show how to get the most out of everything instead of taking things for granted. My pieces are born from landfill-bound finds or artisan-crafted supplies, growing handmade communities. My shop is my way of illuminating change, a world that is more than greed and waste. Working from home, I hope to demonstrate the grit, love, and gratitude I want my children to know are the keys to the good life. My shop is my fight. My art is my voice. My fuel... change.

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Meet the Artist

Pyrography is an earthy progression of my drawings. It lends the patterns a permanence while still being meditative for me. I get drawn in to the texture, the smell, and the way the depth interacts with the light on the surface of the wood.​​​​​

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